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At Media Pool Tile we want your pool tile to sparkle like new. We are located in El Paso, TX. Our company's main focus is ensuring great customer service.  

Our pool tile cleaning professionals will remove hard water stains, calcium and other build up with our media blasting method which utilizes the latest and safest technology. We specialize in swimming pool tiles and water features. 

There is no need to empty your pool. A few inches of drainage is all it takes. Our method doesn't require any abrasive sanding that could scratch or damage the surface and we don't use any harmful corrosive cleaners.

Our pool cleaning specialists use Kieserite, or baking soda for blasting, depending on the type of surface to be cleaned. Whether your pool surface is tile, brick, coping, natural rock, or quartz, we have the perfect blasting media for your specific needs.

When the blasting is done any remaining media is vacuumed up and removed; leaving you with a fresh, sparkling pool.