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1. Do I have to drain pool?

No. all that is necessary is to lower the level of the pool water to gain access to the calcium water line. Six inches below the water line is recommended.

2. How soon can we go swimming after the pool tile treatment?

You can go swimming immediately after the service. The Kieserite treatment does not affect the pH or sanitizer levels in your pool water.

3. Is the Kieserite media safe for my fiberglass pool?

Yes. Kieserite is used to remove paint from the bottom of fiberglass boats without any effect on the fiberglass surface.

4. Will any of my pool equipment (pumps, filters, hoses, etc.) be used?

No. we use all our own equipment to drain, clean, and filter out the media.

5. Will the media damage my equipment?

No. we will vacuum the majority of the media. Some unsettled media may remain making the water cloudy until the next day. This unsettled amount will be minimal and can run safely though your filter. We recommend back washing your filters 24 hrs. after the cleaning.

6. Do you do any other services other than tile cleaning? ie. Monthly maintenance or service equipment.

        No. Media Pool Tile Cleaning does not do any other services other than tile and water feature cleaning. We want to do one service and do it perfect. Contact a local pool maintenance/service for any other services.